My proudest moments; introducing Chloe Jane

May 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A pretty special thing happened: My *sister* Courtney and brother Joel made something pretty incredible. I cry writing this. Courtney has been a pretty huge part of my life for a long time. Her smile, her infectious giggle, and her amazing homemaking skills put me to shame. My brother is really the luckiest man to have found her. She has helped me in raising my own little girls for years, when I went back to work she was stand-in mama. And now she's got her own little bird to watch over! 


We took Courtney's maternity images in less than an hour on a warm night in the beginning of May at the Ghost Town Trail, Heshbon Bridge area.  My littles zoomed around us on their scooters as we desperately tried to capture some quick images.

A big pile of old railroad ties made a dimensional backdrop


And just a couple images under my pink magnolia tree. These are my favorite, this tree makes my heart happy. I'm so blessed to live in a place I love, surrounded by the beauty of this area. Spring magnolia blossoms, the smell in the morning, it's truly peaceful.


If you know me, you know I'm a Pens fan, a big one. They were in game 7 of the series with the Capitals. This was a critical game. We spent the evening like any other, watching the game and screaming our lungs out when they won. Courtney did the same at a friends house, and ten minutes after the big win; her water broke. Chloe Jane was born the next morning *gah!*


Did I mention the Pens are on their way to the Stanley Cup Final? Yeah, she's a little bundle of good luck *wink wink*


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