Sneak Peek of Stefan and Alexandra Moreau's Wedding

June 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A beautiful warm, white wedding. A bride so classic and elegant, a solid military man just out of West Point. She's a song you can't forget with a laugh like a bell. He gazes at her like there's no one in the room. His eyes lit up all day when she looked his way. 

Really, I'm so honored to have photographed the wedding of Alexandra Yamrick and Stefan Moreau today. I have sooooo SO SO many images to share. I loved every moment of the day. Their friends and bridal party were hilarious, sweet, helpful and the perfect blended vibe for this couple's wedding day. 

I couldn't wait to post a few, i really just couldn't. 

Enjoy, cool off, and have a fab weekend all,

Julie Bee 




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