Julie Bee Photography | About

My goal isn't just to take a photo, but to create pieces of artwork that you will treasure and love for the rest of your life. Careful attention to detail and building a story; that's what the difference is with Julie Bee Photography. 

My depth of experience in photographing weddings, families, and newborns is extensive and stretches over a decade. I know my way around a wedding, I keep an eye out for the moments you wouldn't think to ask me to capture. I want to find the tears, the laughter, the groups of old friends, your grandparents. I look for the images that you don't know you'll treasure until you see them and fall in love.


My personality is fun, laid back, and calm. I love that I've made fast friends with many of my brides and grooms, and follow them long after their wedding day. One bride proudly calls me "her family photographer." Other brides have happily sent me a text, letting me know they're expecting and how they haven't told anyone yet, because they want to announce it with a fun picture to celebrate. I've met families at their newborn session and am still photographing their middle schoolers. Past high school seniors are now my bridal clients. 


My favorite photo sits on my desk, it's my grandmother holding my then-baby daughter, she's smiling down at her and fixing her bonnet.  My gram has since passed, and these memories are so close to my heart, seeing this every day is a constant reminder of her sweet nature and love for my girls.  I don't have many pictures of her; this memory is irreplaceable. 


Make the time to embrace these moments in life. You won't regret  investing in your family and your memories. They aren't just pieces of paper; they are your home, your loves, and they will be treasured by generations. Your memories are irreplaceable.