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The things they don't tell you....

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They don't tell you that your heart will explode when you meet them, that you get teary when you think of them, that you smell their little heads when you hold them - breathing in all the *baby smell* Because *they* cant. You cant really put that  love into words 

That children are the most amazing part of life. Better than any sunset, any grand mountain, any thrill, period. 

Meet Chloe Jane, my little May Bell, my good luck charm

She arrived May 11, 2017. Mama went into labor in the best way ever *wink wink* Read about it here


I photographed her in two sessions, one at my home outdoors in the country, and under the same pink magnolia tree we photographed her mama under.

Then we moved to my studio in Indiana, PA to finish her studio portraits. There will be many, many, MANY to come. This auntie brags like whoah ;)



A few images from the hospital:

The Chloeworm and her cousin Gracie just hanging out in Sophia's bedroom. This was the first time Gracie held a baby. She was so proud, they cuddled for a good long time together. My heart exploded just watching her gaze down at her little cousin. The girls love calling her their little ChloeWorm. 



These photos were taken under my pink magnolia tree, surrounded by little Lily of the Valley's or *May Bells* and hosta

Holding her little May Bell sprig



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